Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hip Hop Artist Frank Mizzy is very busy! Radio Interviews with Dirty Basement and DJ Sincere plus Live.StreetzRadio with G3MZ Coming up

Frank Mizzy having won the People’s Choice Award in NYC is enjoying his prize winnings including the online radio interview he did on April 24 on Dirty Basement Radio with DJ Sincere and the Upcoming Radio Interview on May 11 “Fresh Friday” show with G3MZ.

He’s on the road to a stellar solo career, not only having won the People’s Choice award but subsequently also coming in 2nd on April 18th in The Elegant Hoodness Showcase at Club Pyramid in NYC.

You can catch him perform live on Friday, May 18th at the Recoup Lounge (210 Rivingston St.) in NYC.  Get there a little earlier than 9pm because there’s no opening act and the place will be packed as Frank hired a party bus for all his street team promoters and the bus is full!  Admission is $10 – link to tickets here

If you want to hear his music you can hear it here.  He just put up a new song that is awesome.  Also if you join his mailing list you get free downloads when you sign up.

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