Friday, May 18, 2012

Hip Hop Artist Frank Mizzy To Perform At "Welcome Home Troops/Summer Bash" at Savoy’s in NJ- Thurs., May 24

Hip Hop Artist Frank Mizzy is experiencing a stellar new solo career, having not only won NYC’s People’s Choice award but subsequently also coming in second place in NYC Club Pyramid's Elegant Hoodness Showcase. 

He was invited, and will perform at the Welcome Home Troops/Summer Bash, Thursday, May 24th at Savoy’s Restaurant & Nightclub in Pennsauken, NJ; an event to honor those that our Country has lost and to thank all the various branches of our Military. 

The event includes a Full Buffet Bar from 7 to Midnight.   The “Summer Bash” then begins at 9 pm with 3 DJs (including the fabulous DJ a Frank Mizzy performance.  There will other Musical Performers and a Dance show as well.  Special guests attending include:  NBA players, NFL players, Politicians, Recording Artists, Record Labels and Models.

The event will be heavily covered by the media including:  Local News, Hot 97 Radio, The Batcave Radio, Hype TV, Telemundo and HipHop Stardom Magazine.

Another upcoming Frank Mizzy event:  Solo performance this Friday, May 18th at the Recoup Lounge (210 Rivingston St.) in NYC.

Get more info on the upcoming events and check out his new single “Is It Worth It”  here - the track is awesome.  Also if you join his mailing list you get free downloads when you sign up and every so often after that.

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