Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hip Hop Where to find the Latest Music at FrankMizzy.com

Following his most recent shows, Frank Mizzy has been focusing most of his time in the studio recording new tracks for an up and coming mixtape, “The Pre-Game” and shooting a music video for his new single, “Sink or Swim.”  The mixtape will feature about 13-14 completely new and original tracks by Frank Mizzy and is set to come out in late July.  The new audio track, “Sink or Swim” will be released next week with the music video to the track coming in July. 

The video is being shot by Tyvan Films who have produced a number of music videos for artists such as Emiliano Ortiz, Jay D., Drew Vision and Milkmen.  Shortly after the release of the single, “Sink or Swim” a “making of” video will be available to give his fans a sneak peak of the video.  The video itself will be released exclusively on www.SlingTheory.com before being available on other video sharing sites.

Keep an eye out for the release at FrankMizzy.com and sign up for the newsletter for free downloads!

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